Around The Block (ATB) is our largest program where our leadership team, volunteers, and donors can all interact together with the children we serve. ATB is a collaboration among Kids Matter, KOHL's Department Store, and the McCarty Family Trust.

Since 2006, we have served over 19,725 children in the DFW and Austin areas with our Around The Block program. We have also had over 172,000 books, 31,850+ backpacks, and 17,150 school shoes donated.

Kids Matter has conducted three events per year, averaging 2,000 kids. Our flagship event is held at the KOHL's Southlake. The second location in the DFW area is at the KOHL's Arlington. Since 2016, a third event has been held at KOHL's Sunset Valley in Austin, thanks to the support provided by the McCarty Family Trust.

Kids Matter aims to grow the Around The Block program and event to a national level with more events held annually.


It's important to Kids Matter to nurture the confidence and hope in each child. We not only strive to provide the children with clothing and supplies that they need, but also what they want.

"When you think about your childhood, there are very few things more important than fitting in and dressing like the other kids. Last year, I was paired with a single mom and her two kids at our ATB event. Her 12-year-old son looked despondent. The mom asked if it was alright if he bought a pair of brand-name jeans, which were more expensive than the other jeans. She confided that her son was being bullied because he was wearing hand-me-down clothes and the new jeans would really lift his spirits. I told her, 'Of course, it is your Kohl's cash to use as you see fit.' The immediate change in his demeanor as he held those jeans and the smile on his face is something I will never forget. Our goal is to give these kids a hand-up rather than a hand-down. It could quite literally make a difference in a child’s life. One small pebble can cause thousands of ripples in a person's life."

Marti Conner, President of Kids Matter International

Girl ATB


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