HDA Truck Pride raises $35,000 for Kids Matter International at Annual Meeting in April

HDA Truck Pride raises $35,000 for Kids Matter International at Annual Meeting in April 

This year at its annual meeting, HDA Truck Pride announced that the company has raised $35,000 for Kids Matter International, an organization that’s dedicated to brightening the lives of children in Grapevine, Texas.

“Founded in 2006, Kids Matter International has been instrumental in providing essential resources and educational opportunities to children in need in the Grapevine area,” a news release stated. “From providing new clothing, shoes, books, and backpacks, to offering educational programs, Kids Matter International empowers children and instills hope for a brighter future.”

Kicking off their 2024 Annual Meeting, HDA Truck Pride hosted a Cornhole Tournament and Welcome Dinner, where teams competed in a friendly, yet spirited competition with all proceeds being donated to Kids Matter International. Throughout the week there were additional opportunities for attendees to contribute to the charity partner and make an impact.

“This donation will enable us to provide clothing to an additional 350 kids in 2024, resulting in a total value of $122,500 in new merchandise,” said Marti Conner, president and CEO of Kids Matter International. “On behalf of the children we serve, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to HDA Truck Pride and the attendees for making a significant difference in the lives of these children.”


All future marketing and media inquiries may be directed to Danielle Orlando at Danielle.orlando@hdatruckpride.com, or Rachel Dahlstrom at Rachel@kidsmatterintl.org.