Kids Matter Begins Funding New International Charities!


Kids Matter is excited to announce that we are now supporting three new international charities: Coreluv International, Inc., Anker Christensen Charitable Fund and Victory Christian!

Anker Christensen Charitable Fund is a 501c3 Christian organization with a mission of providing long term sustainable community development focusing on needs identified by the community itself such as clean water, health care, education agriculture improvements and public hygiene in Nicaragua. A grant for $10,800 has been awarded in 2019 to furnish shoes and school uniforms to 150 children living in poverty.

Kids are required to have shoes and uniforms in order to attend school after fifth grade; the grant also funds baseball uniforms for 60 children in the Little League program. Uniforms are sewn by women in the sewing school thus enabling these women to provide for their families. To participate in the baseball program, children must promise not to do drugs, be involved in gangs, or drink alcohol.



Coreluv International, Inc is a 501c3 organization serving orphans in Haiti and India through Coreluv Villages caring for over 120 children. In addition to housing, these children are also provided with clean water, nourishing food, health care, education and job skills training. A grant of $15,000 was awarded in 2019 in support of the programs.

Coreluv helps children who have lost one or both of their parent and are often without hope.    The priority is provide each child with a loving home through a community where these children can thrive. Coreluv hires and trains local community leaders and widows to care for the children. Funds help build schools, water wells, community centers and health centers to meet the needs of the orphans.